Tuition Includes...


Two meals and plenty of snacks. Kids practice good table manners & healthy eating habits!


Weekly reports  so parents know what kids have learned and can reinforce their child's new skills at home!


Full time monthly tuition clients also receive free 3rd Friday night extended care until 9:00 pm for parents' monthly date night!


Small classes of no more than six students providing the optimum opportunity for your child to thrive!

Financial Assistance

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Subsidized child care is financial assistance to eligible families for child care costs.  Many organizations in Sacramento County provide child care subsidies but they often have waiting lists. To make it easier to find families in need of child care subsidies, a number of subsidy organizations participate in the “Childcare Eligibility List” (or CEL) which is a wait list maintained by Child Action, Inc. of families who have completed an application for subsidized child care programs. 

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